FF8X NinjaFlex Filament

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NinjaFlex is the softest flexible filament available for printing everything from shoe soles to RC Car tires. NinjaFlex has a Shore hardness of approximately 85A. You can also vary the hardness of the NinjaFlex printed model, depending on application, by varying the infill percentage and number of outer shells of applied (easily done in the profile settings for Simplify3D).

When printing with NinjaFlex the use of ZYYX SoftSpring™ is highly recommended to ensure stable extrusion. The ZYYX SoftSpring™ is not needed for ZYYX Pro II and printers with upgraded drive system.
It can sometimes be a little difficult to feed the flexible filament through the tubing, so for Pro and Pro II we recommend using the external roll holder and feed it directly to the filament monitor on the back.

Examples of use:

  • Sport shoe insoles
  • Vibration dampers
  • Gaskets
  • Flexible containers
  • Product feet

Net weight
0.5 or 1 kg

Snow White
Midnight Black
Lava Orange


Printer Compatibility
ZYYX Pro II: with any SwiftTool24 and Multi-Material Build-layer
ZYYX Pro: with any SwiftTool and Multi-Material Build-Plate. Upgraded drive system is recommended ZX611 ZYYX Bondtech extruder upgrade for ZYYX Pro with gear ratio
ZYYX+: Yes, upgraded drive system is recommended ZX610 ZYYX Bondtech extruder upgrade for ZYYX+/Classic
ZYYX Classic: See ZYYX+

You can also try ZYYX Flex95A if you need a harder flex filament.

Print Settings
NinjaFlex in Simplify3D
Or extrusion temperature 225°C – 250°C, top/bottom: 600-1200 mm/min, Infill: 900-2100 mm/min

Shipping info

Weight1,5 kg
Dimensions210 × 210 × 80 mm


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