ZX610 ZYYX Bondtech extruder upgrade for ZYYX+/Classic

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This is an upgrade for the ZYYX+ and ZYYX Classic extruder with optimised extruder performance. It adds dual-sided drive gears from Bondtech. These gears grips of the filament from two directions which results in improved grip and much less risk of the drive gears slipping or digging into the thread, much like four-wheel drive for cars.
The upgrade is based on the Bondtech design but adjusted to fit to the ZYYX+ and ZYYX Classic. It is made from proCarbon with withstand the power from the stronger drive gears.

The Bondtech Dual-Drive technology delivers uninterrupted material flow without fear of grinding or slipping in even the most demanding conditions.
It requires a Simplify3D profile update to work, alternatively that you change the “Extrusion Multiplier” factor in Simplify3D to 1.45.

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Weight0,1 kg
Dimensions100 × 50 × 30 mm


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