ZYYX proCarbon™

The ZYYX proCarbon™ 3D printing material is a nylon-based filament reinforced with carbon fibers. It is developed to allow professionals to rapidly produce customized, high strength 3D printed parts straight on their desks. 

Using the ZYYX proCarbon™ you can easily create functional 3D printed prototypes and end-user-parts such as tools, jigs, and fixtures. The ZYYX proCarbon™ is also compliant to the Simplify 3D profiles.

Available colour:

ZYYX proCarbon™ Compatibility

  • For ZYYX Pro II: Yes, with SwiftTool24 and MagFlex with Pro top layer
  • For ZYYX Pro: Yes, with SwiftTool Carbon and Pro Build-Plate
  • For ZYYX+:  No
  • Print Settings:  ZYYX proCarbon in Simplify3D
  • Size:  1 kg
  • Colour:  Natural dark grey
  • Availability:  Filament is shipped from our warehouse in Gothenburg, Sweden usually 1-5 days after ordering.


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