The ZYYX Filament Materials

Strong and flexible 3D printing materials for all needs

ZYYX Labs provide a premium range of 3D printing materials, optimized for different desired properties and applications.

ZYYX Simplify 3D profiles are optimized for ZYYX 3D printers and the entire ZYYX line of filament materials.



 A 3D printing material that consists of an eco-friendly biodegradable thermoplastic, that is derived from renewable resources. The ZYYX PLA is mainly used for prototyping and producing parts that are not intended to be exposed to thermal or high mechanical stress. 


The ZYYX ASA 3D printing material is excellent for printing prototypes or production parts that are exposed to medium mechanical stress and outdoor environment as it is more UV resistant than ABS.


The ZYYX ABS 3D printing material is ideal for printing production parts or prototypes that are intended to be exposed to medium mechanical stress. 

ZYYX Flex™

 The ZYYX Flex is one of our strongest yet flexible 3D printing material. The filament is perfect for printing everything from RC Car tires, to shoe sole prototypes. 


PETG is a popular materials for many users. It can often replace ABS as the primary material for technical applications mainly because of its chemical resistance. ZYYX PETG™ is an excellent material choice for cost-effective iterative design processes. It is odorless, has low warping, a high impact resistance, and high chemical resistance.


The ZYYX PETG-CF™ is PETG that is reinforced with carbon fiber. It is odorless, has low warping, a high impact, UV, chemical resistance and can withstand around 90 °C. PETG-CF is a popular materials for many users, and can be seen as a strong technical material but cheaper compared to proCarbon.

ZYYX proCarbon™

The ZYYX proCarbon™ 3D printing material is a nylon-based filament reinforced with carbon fibers. It is developed to allow professionals to rapidly produce customized, high strength 3D printed parts straight on their desks. Using the ZYYX proCarbon™ you can easily create functional 3D printed prototypes and end-user-parts such as tools, jigs, and fixtures.

ZYYX proGlass™

The ZYYX proGlass™ is one of our strongest 3D printing materials. It consists of nylon based filament reinforced with  fiberglass. It is almost as strong as ZYYX proCarbon but the proGlass™ is also electrically insulating.

ZYYX proNylon™

Using the ZYYX proNylon™, you can easily create flexible parts with low friction and high toughness. It is also resistant to most chemicals. Ideal applications range from bushings and pulleys to electronics casings where resistance to the environment is a priority.

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