The ZYYX 3D printing materials

We at ZYYX Labs provide a top-quality range of 3D printing materials, optimized for different desired properties and applications. 

The ZYYX line of premium filaments are of excellent quality, and optimized for your ZYYX 3D printer. The Simplify 3D profiles are optimized for the whole ZYYX 3D printing line of materials.


Do you wish to know more about our range of 3D printing materials for our ZYYX 3D printers? You are always welcome to send us an email or give us a phonecall – we will be happy to help you out!

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Strong and flexible 3D printing materials for all needs

In our wide range of 3D printing materials, you will find: 


 A 3D printing material that consists of an eco-friendly biodegradable thermoplastic, that is derived from renewable resources. The ZYYX PLA is mainly used for prototyping and producing parts that are not intended to be exposed to thermal or high mechanical stress. 


The ZYYX ABS 3D printing material is ideal for printing production parts or prototypes that are intended to be exposed to medium mechanical stress. 


 The ZYYX Flex is one of our strongest yet flexible 3D printing material. The filament is perfect for printing everything from RC Car tires, to shoe sole prototypes. 


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