The ZYYX ABS 3D printing material is excellent for printing prototypes or production parts that are exposed to medium mechanical stress. Our ABS blend performs well with our build-plate due to the polymer mix. Please note that larger objects made of the ABS 3D printed material may be subject to warping. The ZYYX ABS 3D printing material is also compatible with The Simplify 3D profiles. 

The surface of a ZYYX ABS 3D printed part will be matte.

ZYYX ABS Compatibility 

  • For ZYYX Pro: Yes, with SwiftTool Multi/Carbon and Multi-Material Build-Plate
  • For ZYYX+:   Yes, but large objects may be affected by warping
  • Print settings:  ZYYX ABS in Simplify3D
  • Size:  1 kg
  • Availability:  Filament is shipped from our warehouse in Gothenburg, Sweden 1-5 days after ordering.



Do you need more information about our range of strong and flexible 3D printing materials? You are most welcome to get in touch with us at ZYYX Labs, we are looking forward to assist you on your way to the perfect 3D printing solution!

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