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ZYYX Labs AB is a Swedish company that develops, produces, and sells high quality composite desktop 3D printers for industrial customers world-wide.

ZYYX Labs AB has its focus on strong composite materials as well as both work environment and environmental issues in general. As a result of this, our products are designed to be OfficeSafe™, which means they are built in a closed design with air filters, and the 3D printing process is all nice and quiet, and of course fume-free. Our ZYYX materials ensures excellent surface quality.

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The New ZYYX Pro II Materials



The  Prototype Concept

Learn more in our concept presentation


The New ZYYX Pro II is an exceptionally quiet industrial-grade 3D printer. It is specifically developed to let professionals rapidly produce customized high-strength parts at their desk, for instance functional prototypes and end-use parts such as tools, jigs, and fixtures.

ZYYX Pro II has a closed design and clean room class air filtering system, perfectly suited for every office, classroom, makerspace, or workshop.

About ZYYX Pro II

  • OfficeSafe Whisper™ – Quiet by Design
  • OfficeSafe Ultra™ - Clean and Fume-free Air
  • ZYYX MagFlex™ - Easy-to-use spring-steel build-plate system
  • proTect™ material system included - Complete system to secure material quality
  • Automatic Levelling and Material Monitor - Automatic for each print
  • Reliable - Robust all-metal design
  • Controlled printing environment and Heated Chamber - Support for high-strength engineering grade materials
  • Unique extrusion system
  • Off-grid or Online – The choice is yours
  • SwiftTool24™ - Quick nozzle change

The ZYYX+ is a Desktop 3D printer for the professional user. Its safety, reliability, and ease-of-use makes it the perfect choice for schools, product developers, and architects that quickly and easily need prototypes and concept models.

About ZYYX+

  • Reliable - Robust design
  • Automatic Levelling - Auto-calibration of build-plate for each print
  • Material Monitor - Pause for material problems
  • OfficeSafe™ - Closed design with air filter system
  • Simplify3D - The market leading software is included
  • Open-material system - Compatible with all material brands (1.75 mm)
  • Stand-alone - No computer needed during printing
  • Cyber-safe - No internet connection needed (optional only)

The materials

The ZYYX user can choose from a line of carefully selected high-quality polymer materials that comes with plug-and-play profiles.

The ZYYX printers are also compatible with other material brands through their open-material system with all settings available for user tuning.


38 dB

Exceptionally Quiet

The ZYYX printers are designed with a closed chamber, resulting in a quiet and OfficeSafe™ printing environment. The ZYYX Pro II printer is designed with carefully chosen components to be quiet as a Whisper at 38 dB.


The desktop design allows for instant access, high productivity, and true agile development.


Fume free

With HEPA and active carbon filters that remove at least 96% of the ultrafine particles and odors from the outflow air, making the printers OfficeSafe™. The Pro II has an OfficeSafe Ultra™ HEPA H13 filter which removes at least 99.95% which makes it fume-free.

75 °C

ZYYX Pro II for Professionals

The hardened SwiftTool™ and 75°C chamber enable use of Engineering Grade materials to make functional prototypes and high-strength parts such as tools, jigs, and fixtures.


The ZYYX printers are reliable and robust, with previous customers referring to them as the office “Workhorse”.

Magnetic Flexibility

The MagFlex™ spring steel build-plate makes removal of the print easy to do by hand by gently bending the plate.

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