Data Sheets

Here you will find product documentation in the form of Brochures, Data Sheets, Test Reports, Material Specifications, and other information relevant to the ZYYX Labs products and supplies.


ZYYX Labs Product Brochure (2019)
Overview brochure for the ZYYX 3D printers.
ZYYX brochure 2019.4A complete lowres




ZYYX Pro brochure (2018)
Technical brochure for the ZYYX Pro including specifications.
ZYYX Pro brochure 2018.9A (web)
ZYYX Pro Acoustic Noise Test Report (2018)
Test report from acoustic noise test for the ZYYX Pro in a
typical desktop office location.
D1.0585 ZYYX Pro – Acoustic noise test




Art.number   Name Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
F1.0421 ZYYX PLA™ D1.0481 ZYYX-PLA filament datasheet 2018.5A D1.0461-EN ZYYX-PLA SDS
F2.0422 ZYYX ABS™ D1.0482 ZYYX-ABS filament datasheet 2018.5A D1.0462-EN ZYYX ABS SDS
F4.0423 ZYYX Flex™ D1.0483 ZYYX-Flex filament datasheet 2018.11A Contact ZYYX Labs
F3.0424 ZYYX proNylon™ D1.0484 ZYYX proNylon filament datasheet 2017.9B Contact ZYYX Labs
F3.0425 ZYYX proCarbon™ D1.0485 ZYYX proCarbon filament datasheet 2018.5A   D1.0465-EN ZYYX proCarbon SDS
F3.0427 ZYYX proGlass™ D1.0487 ZYYX proGlass filament datasheet 2017.11A Contact ZYYX Labs
F5.0428 ZYYX ASA™ Contact ZYYX Labs D1.0468-EN ZYYX ASA SDS
F5.0429 ZYYX PETG™ Contact ZYYX Labs Contact ZYYX Labs
F5.0429-8 ZYYX PETG-CF™ Contact ZYYX Labs Contact ZYYX Labs
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