Below you will find manuals for the ZYYX products. They are available both for online browsing or as PDFs for print-out.

ZYYX Pro II – v2022.12A
The online manual will be available shortly.

Download the ZYYX Pro II manual as PDF.

Read the ZYYX Pro Manual online.

Download the ZYYX Pro Manual as PDF.


Download the ZYYX+ Manual as PDF.

Other Instructions

Upgrade and installation instructions.

ZYYX+ BT1+ Extruder Upgrade

Download the BT1+ Extruder Upgrade Instruction as PDF.

TMC2209 Stepper Driver Module Upgrade

Download the TMC2209 Stepper Driver Upgrade Instruction as PDF.

ZYYX Connect – Assembly instruction and getting started

Download the ZYYX Connect Instruction as PDF.

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