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ZYYX Labs AB was founded in december 2018. The company owns the brands ZYYX and ZYYX 3D Printer and is focusing on developing the best and most cost-efficient 3D printers for Desktop 3D Printing in the world.

ZYYX Labs launches the ZYYX Pro II for composite materials – probably the most quiet and odorless 3D printer in the world!

Gothenburg, September 23rd 2021

Today, Swedish ZYYX Labs AB launches its new ZYYX Pro II 3D printer for composite materials. Through its encapsulated design, carefully selected components with low noise level in combination with self-developed air filters of clean room class, ZYYX Labs has created the world’s probably quietest and most odorless 3D printer for the desktop. It is thus the perfect agile tool for developing functional prototypes in mechanical development projects or producing smaller series of strong components, jigs, or fixtures.

Press release in PDF format (English)
Press release in PDF format (Swedish)

Download Media Kit (high resolution pictures)

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