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A 3D printer is not just a machine…

…it’s a gateway to realizing ideas and creating tangible solutions. By printing material layer by layer, these printers transform digital models into physical objects. This technology enables rapid prototyping, personalized product customization, the creation of complex structures, and the production of crucial details for your business.

Using a 3D printer like the ZYYX+ or ZYYX Pro II is a process that combines creativity with technical skill. The process begins with designing a digital 3D model, usually in a CAD program. This model is then converted into a print format that the printer can understand. After selecting the right material, the printer starts its magical process of building the object layer by layer.

Our printers are user-friendly and require minimal settings, making them accessible even to those without prior experience in 3D printing.


3D printers span a wide spectrum of industries, including everything from education to advanced industrial manufacturing. In the education sector, 3D printers like the ZYYX+ allow students to transform theoretical ideas into physical objects, providing a deeper understanding of design and technology. In product development, they enable rapid and cost-effective prototyping, accelerating the innovation process.

For industrial applications, the ZYYX Pro II is a game-changer. This 3D printer is used to manufacture parts that are not just prototypes but actual components capable of withstanding the demanding conditions of industrial environments.

Its ability to work with composite materials makes it ideal for specialized applications in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing.

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  • ZYYX Pro II Edu™ – Educational 3D Printer Kit

    The ZYYX Pro II-Edu™ 3D printer kit for standard materials ships with all the ..

    $ 5.302,92 excl. VAT
  • ZYYX Pro II MC™ – 3D Printer Kit for Composites, Metals, and Ceramics

    The ZYYX Pro II MC™ 3D printer package for metal & ceramic materials ships wit..

    $ 6.341,09 excl. VAT
  • ZYYX Pro II™ – 3D Printer Kit

    The ZYYX Pro II™ 3D printer package for engineering materials ships with all t..

    $ 5.869,20 excl. VAT
  • ZYYX Pro II™ Basic – 3D Printer Kit

    The ZYYX Pro II™ Basic 3D printer package for standard materials ships with al..

    $ 4.984,39 excl. VAT
  • ZYYX Pro™ 3D Printer (Refurbished)

    ZYYX Pro™ 3D printer

    The ZYYX Pro™ 3D printer for engineering materials ships with all the tools, ..

    $ 4.217,56 excl. VAT
  • ZYYX+™ 3D Printer

    ZYYX+™ 3D printer

    The professional desktop ZYYX+ 3D printer ships with all the tools and software ..

    $ 2.145,94 excl. VAT
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