PETG is a popular materials for many users. It can often replace ABS as the primary material for technical applications mainly because of its chemical resistance.

The ZYYX PETG™ is a Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) variation modified with Glycol that ensures stable overhang performance and excellent surface quality. This is due to controlled viscosity during the ZYYX printer-controlled cooling phase. ZYYX PETG™ is an excellent material choice for cost-effective iterative design processes. The surface of the ZYYX PETG™ will be glossy and has the highest transparency among all our filaments. The ZYYX PETG™ filament is available in the grey-scale colours, white, grey, and black. It is odorless, has low warping, a high impact resistance, and high chemical resistance.

You can find the PETG profiles for download here.


Available colours:

ZYYX PETG™ Compatibility

  • For ZYYX Pro II: Yes, with all SwiftTool24 and MagFlex with Multi-Material top layer
  • For ZYYX Pro: Yes, with SwiftTool Multi/Carbon and Multi-Material Build-Plate
  • For ZYYX+:  Yes
  • Print Settings: ZYYX PETG in Simplify3D
  • Size:  1 kg
  • Availability:  Filament is shipped from our warehouse in Gothenburg, Sweden 1-5 days after ordering


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