ZX502 ZYYX/ZYYX+ Build-Plate

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The ZYYX/ZYYX+ Build-Plate has a premium borosilicate glass base plate laminated with a custom plastic surface. Therefore, this build-plate surface enables you to print with most of the currently available filament types. This without any need for a heated plate or adding temporary materials to the plate surface. The build-plate surface enables printing with PLA and Flex/TPU, and smaller ABS parts. For ABS and ASA, we instead recommend ZX508 Perforated Build-Plate for ZYYX+.

The build-plate is held in place with three neodymium magnets. This means that you easily can remove the plate from the printer before detaching the prints from the plate.

A ZYYX/ZYYX+ Build-Plate lasts for about 6 months of normal usage. After this time the plate surface will have some wear and you will need to replace it to ensure top performance. You can find replacement surfaces here: ZX507 ZYYX Build-Plate Top Surface (new 2018 black design).

See also ZX503 ZYYX/ZYYX+ Build-Plate Classic.
For an upgrade with the more user-friendly MagFlex bed platform, see ZX510 ZYYX+ MagFlex Build-platform kit (complete with Multi sheet).

Size: 300 x 250 mm

Printer Compatibility
ZYYX / ZYYX Classic: Yes
ZYYX+: Yes
ZYYX Pro: NO, see ZX302 ZYYX Pro Multi-Material Build-Plate™.

Shipping info

Weight1,5 kg
Dimensions400,0 × 300,0 × 200,0 mm

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