ZX508 Perforated Build-Plate for ZYYX+

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ZYYX+ or ZYYX Classic build-plate optimized for har to print materials, like ABS and ASA. Uses a different principle, where the raft sticks hard to the holes.
Use a ZYYX spatula to remove the raft from the build-plate. Our new ZX307 ZYYX stainless steel buildplate spatula scraper is recommended.
With this build-plate you can print somewhat larger ABS/ASA models, but due to the heavy shrinkage of ABS, we recommend the ZYYX Pro with its heated build chamber for larger models.

Printer Compatibility
ZYYX/ZYYX Classic: Yes
ZYYX+: Yes
ZYYX Pro: NO (see ZX304 Perforated Build-Plate for ZYYX Pro)

Instructions for Use
Use the designated Profiles for the ZYYX perf board or adjust the following settings in Simplify3D:
Z offset: ABS/ASA = -1 mm (print 1 mm closer), other materials = -0.5 mm (print 0.5 mm closer)
First layer settings: First layer height 250%, first layer width 250%, first layer speed: 20%, Layer 1 temperature: +5-10 C.
Additions/Raft: Top layers 2, Base layers 4, Offset from part 4 mm

Below shows the adjusted z offset setting in Simplify3d for ABS/ASA.

Simplify3D settings for the z offset for the perfboard

Shipping info

Weight1 kg
Dimensions40 × 30 × 20 mm


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