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The ZYYX ASA™ is an acrylonitrile styrene acrylate (ASA) blend that has the best UV tolerance of our filaments. ZYYX ASA™ is excellent for printing prototypes or production parts that are exposed to medium mechanical stress and outdoor environment as it is more UV resistant than ABS. The surface of a ZYYX ASA™ print will be matte and the filament is available in black and white colours.

Please note that larger objects made of the ZYYX ASA may be subject to warping. Therefore we recommend the perforated top layer Magflex build-plate or the perforated build-plate. Simplify 3D profiles are available for ZYYX ASA.

Examples of use:

  • Parts to be used outside

Net weight
1 kg

FS01 White (Pantone n/a)
FS03 Black (~Pantone Black U, RAL 060 40 05, NCS 7000-N)

2/5 (4/5 with Perfboard)

Printer Compatibility
ZYYX Pro II: with any SwiftTool24 and Perforated Build-layer
ZYYX Pro: with any SwiftTool and Perforated Build-Plate (better)
ZYYX+: Standard (small parts) or Perforated Build-Plate (better)
ZYYX Classic: See ZYYX+

Print Settings
ZYYX ASA in Simplify3D

Shipping info

Weight1,5 kg
Dimensions210,0 × 210,0 × 80,0 mm

FA01 White, FA03 Black

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