ZX615 Endstop switch board with clamp

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Endstop switch board (standard size) for all ZYYX 3D printers with reinforcement. This is an upgraded version that is more mechanically stable, by addition of a clamp or screws, that mechanically fixates the switch to the PCB.
Recommended upgrade for x, y, and z endstop switches for the ZYYX Pro and for x and y for the ZYYX+ and the ZYYX Classic.
It is used in all ZYYX Pro printers since 2018.
Connects to the motherboard through a Molex SL-4 connector and shielded cables.
Mounting screws are included.

Printer Compatibility
ZYYX/ZYYX Classic: Yes (x/y)
ZYYX+: Yes (x/y)
ZYYX Pro: Yes (x/y/z)
ZYYX Pro II: Yes (x/y)

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