ZX407 OfficeSafe™ Fume Filters (3 pcs)

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Package of 3 HEPA and active carbon filters. These filters fit ZYYX Pro™ and newer or upgraded ZYYX+™ (with 20 mm slot).

Moreover, this filter pack allows for fume-free printing for half a year, as the the fume filter should be replaced every second month.

You can find more info on the product page Consumables.

Printer Compatibility
ZYYX/ZYYX Classic: No, only with printed extender. See ZX501 ZYYX/ZYYX+ Fume Filters (3 pcs)
ZYYX+: Yes, after 2017 or with printed extender. Older type, see ZX501 ZYYX/ZYYX+ Fume Filters (3 pcs)
ZYYX Pro: Yes

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Weight0,2 kg
Dimensions120,0 × 120,0 × 70,0 mm
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