ZX501 ZYYX/ZYYX+ Fume Filters (3 pcs)

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Package of 3 active carbon filters for ZYYX Classic™ and older ZYYX+™. For newer ZYYX+ and ZYYX Pro that uses the OfficeSafe™ filter, you find that here.
Moreover, this filter pack allows for fume-free printing for half a year, as the the fume filter should be replaced every second month.

The size of this filter is 120x120x10 mm, and fits in the metal filter holder.
Find more info on the product page.

Printer Compatibility
ZYYX / ZYYX Classic: Yes
ZYYX+: Yes. For newer ZYYX+ that uses paper frame filters, see ZX503 OfficeSafe™ Fume Filters (3 pcs).
ZYYX Pro: NO, see ZX503 OfficeSafe™ Fume Filters (3 pcs).

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Weight0,1 kg
Dimensions120,0 × 120,0 × 30,0 mm
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