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  • A1.1010 Hardened feeder gear complete

    Hardened feeder gear complete with set screw for ZYYX Pro. Used in ZYYX Pro sinc..

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  • ZX607DIY ZYYX Connect™ Camera Add-on

    Upgrade your ZYYX Connect™ with the ZYYX Connect camera module. This allows yo..

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  • ZX612 Upgraded internal filament support with ball bearings for ZYYX Pro

    Upgraded filament spool support for use inside the ZYYX Pro. This upgrade incorp..

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  • ZX615 Endstop switch board with clamp

    Endstop switch board (standard size) for all ZYYX 3D printers with reinforcement..

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  • ZX616 ZYYX Al Side Wagon Improved Belt Lock Kit

    This kit contains everything to replace the original side wagon belt tension fas..

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