E0.0030 Cartridge heater for hotend of newer ZYYX+ (40W @ 12V)

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Cartridge type heater for use with the hotend of newer ZYYX+ with 12 V power supply. One piece of heater including cable to motherboard (cable length ~140 cm).
The voltage is normally printed on the cylinder part of the old heater.

Printer Compatibility
Newer ZYYX+: YES, if it uses a thermistor (black cable) and a 12 V heater
Older ZYYX+: NO, if it uses a thermocouple (woven cable) and a 24 V heater. See ZYYX Classic below.
ZYYX/ZYYX Classic: NO, see E0.0029 Cartridge heater for hotend of ZYYX Classic or older ZYYX+ (40W @ 24V)

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Weight0,1 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 1 mm


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