CB05 Black Zirconia Filament, 500g

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Zirconia is a widely used material in the field of technical ceramics. It has an excellent shock and bending resistance. Ideal for creating original pieces in the luxury sector, Zirconia parts can be craft to obtain pieces with beautiful matte, brushed, polished or mirror like finish.


  • High density
  • Tooling
  • Prototypes and appearance parts
  • Black matte finish look that can be polish for a glossy appearance

Net weight
0.5 kg

Natural black

Printer Compatibility
ZYYX Pro II: with Metal & Ceramic Kit
ZYYX Pro: No
ZYYX Classic: No


Filament Storage
It is very important to protect the filament from moisture and moist air to keep the print quality. Always store the filament in the heated chamber, vacuum sealed (with desiccant), or in a dry-box.

1. Print Settings
Select ZYYX – Black Zirconia in Simplify3D. The model needs to be scaled up to 127.4% in x+y and 126.8% in z to compensate for sintering shrinkage.
If used with other printers, we recommend 170 °C for printing, a 50 °C heated chamber, a hardened nozzle, and hardened dual-sided drive gears.

2. Chemical Debinding
2 hours in an acetone bath at 40 °C (it depends on the geometry of the part), stop the heat a couple of hours before removing it from the bath.
Finally 2 hours drying in ambient atmosphere.

3. Thermal Debinding
From 50 °C to 500 °C with a 8 °C/h ramp, 2 hours holding time.

4. Sintering
In a high temperature furnace in air atmosphere, up to 1475 °C with a 50 °C/h ramp. 2 hours holding time. Cooling 100 °C/h.

Technical datasheet
See Brochures & Data Sheets

Safety datasheet (SDS)
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Shipping info

Weight0,675 kg
Dimensions210,0 × 210,0 × 80,0 mm
Printer Compatibility


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