ZX606DIY ZYYX Connect (network port upgrade)

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Upgrade your ZYYX printer with the ZYYX Connect network module. This allows you to hook up the printer to your Ethernet network to remotely start and stop prints.
Also comes in a version including a camera to monitor the prints, see ZX608DIY ZYYX Connect+ (network port with camera upgrade).
If you get this version you can also later add the camera function, see ZX607DIY ZYYX Connect Camera Add-on.
A guide for the installation is included.

Printer Compatibility
ZYYX Pro: all
ZYYX+: all after mid 2016 with 3 square holes in back
Early ZYYX+: with additional mounting box
ZYYX/ZYYX Classic: with additional mounting box

Note: for some printers soldering in a 4-pin connector to the motherboard may be required. The connector is included with the kit.


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