ZX601 ZYYX+ / ZYYX Classic Filament Monitor Kit (Monitor Only)

$ 76,68 excl. VAT


Filament monitor spare part/upgrade kit (monitor only) for ZYYX+ and ZYYX Classic. This is a new improved design that is delivered with all ZYYX+ from 2019.
To upgrade, you unscrew the old FM box from the back of the printer and disconnect the cable assembly connector from the inside board. Then reconnect the cable to the new FM and screw it into place like the old unit. Reattach the filament tube.

If you have no filament monitor for your ZYYX / ZYYX Classic, we recommend ZX601+ ZYYX+ / ZYYX Classic Filament Monitor Upgrade Kit (Monitor+Cable), that also includes the cable assembly that is needed.

Printer Compatibility
ZYYX/ZYYX Classic: Yes, replacement, otherwise see ZX601+
ZYYX+: Yes
ZYYX Pro: No, see XXX.
ZYYX Pro II: No, see XXX.


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