ZX302 ZYYX Pro Multi-Material Build-Plate™

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The ZYYX Pro Multi-Material Build-Plate™ uses a premium borosilicate glass base plate laminated with a custom plastic surface, enabling printing with a various range of materials without any need of glue, tape or other adhesives. This build-plate surface enables printing with ABS, PLA, ASA, and Flex/TPU.

The build-plate is held in place with three neodymium magnets, making it easy to first remove the plate from the printer before detaching the prints from the plate.

A ZYYX Pro Multi-Material Build-Plate™ lasts for about 6 months of normal usage. After this time the plate surface will have some wear. The top surface can be replaced with the included extra top sheet for another 6 months use.

Size: 300 x 250 mm


  • 1 ZYYX Pro™ Multi-Material Build-Plate
  • 1 spare top sheet

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Weight1,5 kg
Dimensions400,0 × 300,0 × 200 mm
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