ZX500 ZYYX+ Filter box raiser (incl 10 mm screws)

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With this upgrade, you can use the improved OfficeSafe filters also in ZYYX Classic and older ZYYX+ printers (newer ZYYX+ has it as standard since 2017).
In this package, all parts needed for the transformation is included, the printed frame and four screws.

Installation Instruction
1. Power off the printer, and disconnect the power cable.
2. Remove the old metal filter holder case (it will not be used)
3. Remove 4 screws holding the fan/filter holder.
4. Carefully extend the fan cable by pulling up from below. You will need 10 mm extra cable to fit the frame extender.
5. Mount the frame and put the original fan/filter holder outside, and secure using the four included (longer) screws. Note that the flat side should be against the printer back plate, and the opening facing right as seen from the back of the printer.
6. Insert a new OfficeSafe filter in the slot.
7. Done, verify that the fan starts when you power up the printer.

Size: 130 x 130 x 8 mm

Printer Compatibility
ZYYX+: Yes (for filters see ZX407 OfficeSafe™ Fume Filters (3 pcs))
ZYYX/ZYYX Classic: Yes (see ZYYX+)

Shipping info

Weight0,2 kg
Dimensions125 × 125 × 8 mm


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