ZX702S SwiftTool™ Multi, 0.2 mm nozzle w Silicone shell

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One SwiftTool Multi0.2 for use with non-abrasive filaments like PLA, ABS, ASA, or proNylon™. The Multi0.2 mm is marked by a red cable, so you easily can separate them. Note that because of the small opening, this SwiftTool is 4-8 times slower than Multi0.4 when printing the same model.

They can be purchased by themselves or as a kit. The kit you can find here.

This is an upgraded version that is moulded with a Silicone shell to lessen the material sticking to the hot end and also protect the delicate cable for longer life. You find the old type here.

Note also that these Multi type nozzles never should be used with proCarbon™ or proGlass™.

Printer Compatibility
ZYYX Pro: all models


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