ZX505 ZYYX+ Maintenance Kit™

29,50 excl. VAT


This is a perfect way to keep your printer performance at a top level. The ZYYX+ Maintenance Kit contains everything you need to clean your printhead and perform maintenance.

Suitable for ZYYX, ZYYX Classic, and ZYYX+. You can find an expanded kit for the ZYYX Pro here.

Package Contains:

4 m ZYYX Cleaning Filament

5 pcs ZYYX Nozzle Cleaning Sticks

4 pcs ZYYX Cleaning Brush including holder

1 pc ZYYX Spring Removal Tool

>Here< you can find detailed instruction on the use of this kit.

Printer Compatibility
ZYYX/ZYYX Classic: Yes
ZYYX+: Yes
ZYYX Pro: Yes, but an expanded kit for the ZYYX Pro is also available (ZX605 ZYYX Pro Maintenance Kit™).


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