ZX410 FilaDryer S2 Filament Dryer and Storage Box – ZYYX modified

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FilaDryer S2 is a drying box designed to actively drying 3D printing filament. The FilaDryer S2 has adjustable quick temperature settings for various filament materials.
After testing this for a couple of months we found this one to be the best on the market so far. We only discovered two major flaws:
1. The drying time was limited to 99 hours.
2. The hole for feeding the filament directly to the printer when printing is perpendicular to the filament path (totally stupid) and makes it almost unusable to directly print from it.

After feeding this back to the manufacturer they fixed issue 1 by a software update, so newer units has unlimited time setting.
The second issue they could not easily fix, so we decided to modify the unit ourselves and also add a teflon tube to make it easy to print. We also add a desiccant part in the bottom, so it keeps the content dry for a while even when turned off.
FilaDryer S2 for ZYYX is compatible with all 3D printers and can house one 1 kg spool, and includes a tube fixation plus a teflon tubes of a 40 cm length making it optimized for use with the ZYYX 3D printers. It will probably work with most printers.

How many spools can fit in the FilaDryer S2™?
One standard spool (max 1 kg) from ZYYX. Maximum spool widthis 85 mm and the diameter is max 210 mm.

Does the FilaDryer S2 actively dry the material?
Yes, the FilaDryer S2 dries your material using heating elements located around the spool surface. An alternative to drying the spool inside the ZYYX Pro or Pro II.

Does the desiccant bags need to be replaced?
Normally no, when used in active mode the desiccant bags will be constantly redried.

Sunlu, but modified to be easier to use with a ZYYX 3D printer.

Power Consumption
48 W max, when used in active mode

Printer Compatibility
ZYYX/ZYYX Classic (24 V): Yes
ZYYX+ (24 V): Yes
ZYYX+ (12 V): Yes
ZYYX Pro / Pro II: Yes, it works specially great with moist sensitive filament like proCarbon, proGlass, or proNylon.

Shipping info

Weight1,2 kg
Dimensions285 × 275 × 122 mm


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