ZX163 Compact Sintering Furnace for Ceramics

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ZX163 is a compact furnace for sintering of ceramics in ambient air atmosphere. It is compact and adaptable to 16A standard outlets, this compact furnace does not require any special outlets nor does it take space. Making it the easiest to install and simpler to manipulate and use, while remaining as efficient as any other chamber furnace.

Sintering temperature: 1550 °C alumina, 1475 °C white and black zirconia, 1250 °C porcelain
Installation of a fume hood is recommended.

Dimensions: 600x500x810 mm, 100 kg
Chamber dimensions: 200x150x150 mm (4.5 l)
Maximum operating temperature: 1600 °C
Power: 6 kW
Electrical: 1-Phase, Schuko or blue CEE plug (preferred). 16 A fuse.
Available dimensions: 200x120x150 mm

Material Compatibility
Ceramics: Porcelain, Alumina, White/Black Zirconia

Non-stock product, delivery time: 4-6 weeks

Shipping info

Weight100 kg
Dimensions1200 × 800 × 1500 mm

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