ZX161 Tubular Sintering Furnace for Metals and Ceramics

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ZX161 is a tubular furnace for sintering ceramics in ambient air, and steel parts under inert atmosphere.

Sinter ceramics in ambient air and H13 steel under inert atmosphere such as argon
Sintering temperature: 1550 °C alumina, 1475 °C white and black zirconia, 1350 °C for H13 and 316L steel, 1250 °C for porcelain
Installation of a fume hood is recommended.

Tube diameter: 10 cm
Maximum operating temperature: 1600 °C
Power: 6 kW
Electrical: 1-Phase, fixed or blue CEE plug. 32 A fuse.
Tube length: 120 cm total length, 20 cm use length (temperature is homogeneous (±10 °C)

Material Compatibility
Ceramics: Porcelain, Alumina, White/Black Zirconia, etc
Metals: H13 tool steel, 316L Stainless steel (using Argon gas. Note: Gas bottle, pressure reducer, and inlet hose are not included), etc

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Weight200 kg
Dimensions1200 × 800 × 1500 mm

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