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The ZYYX PLA™ is a polylactide acid (PLA) blend that ensures stable overhang performance and excellent surface quality, due to controlled viscosity during the ZYYX printer-controlled cooling phase. ZYYX PLA™ is an eco-friendly, biodegradable thermoplastic derived from renewable resources. ZYYX PLA™ is used as a first choice for prototyping and producing parts that will not be exposed to thermal or high mechanical stress.  ZYYX PLA™ is an excellent material choice for cost-effective iterative design processes. The surface of the ZYYX PLA™ will be semi-glossy and the filament is available in multiple colors.

Examples of use:

  • Design and shape prototypes
  • Toys
  • Architectural models

Net weight
1 kg

FP01 White (RAL 9003 “Signal White”, Pantone n/a, ~NCS 0502-G)
FP02 Grey (RAL 7036, ~PANTONE 7539 C, ~NCS 5000-N)
FP03 Black (RAL 9017 “Traffic Black”, ~Pantone P 179-14 C, ~NCS 9000-N)
FP04 Red (RAL 3020 “Traffic Red”, ~Pantone 180 C, ~NCS 1085-Y90R)
FP05 Orange (RAL 2008 “Bright Red Orange”, ~Pantone P 37-7 C, ~NCS 0580-Y60R)
FP06 Yellow (RAL 1023 “Traffic Yellow”, ~PANTONE 116 U, ~NCS 1070-Y)
FP07 Light Green (Pantone 359 C)
FP08 Green (RAL 6018 “Yellow Green”, ~PANTONE 369 U, ~NCS 2060-G20Y)
FP09 Light Blue (Pantone 7691 C, NCS -)
FP10 Blue (RAL 5015 “Sky Blue”, ~PANTONE 640 U, ~NCS 3050-R90B)


Printer Compatibility
ZYYX Pro II: with any SwiftTool24 and Multi-Material Build-layer
YYX Pro with any SwiftTool and Multi-Material Build-Plate
ZYYX+: Yes
ZYYX Classic: Yes

Print Settings
ZYYX PLA in Simplify3D

Technical and Safety datasheets
ZYYX PLA data sheets

Shipping info

Weight1,5 kg
Dimensions210,0 × 210,0 × 80,0 mm

White, Grey, Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Lt Green, Green, Lt Blue, Blue

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