ZX310+ ZYYX Pro II MagFlex Build-platform kit (complete with PA, MM, and Perf sheets)

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MagFlex™ is ZYYX’s new build-platform system whose base consists of a flat base-plate that is magnetic and also equipped with guide pins. On top of this, you can then easily put spring-steel plates adapted for different printing materials. These are securely fastened to the magnetic base and it is also very easy to place them correctly with the help of the guide pins on the base-plate.

ZX310 ZYYX Pro II MagFlex Build-platform kit consists of the following parts:
ZX311 The build-platform for ZYYX Pro II
ZX313 Top layer PA (for nylon based filaments)
ZX312 Top layer for Multi-Material
ZX314 Perforated Top layer

In this package, the PA, Multi-material, and Perforated top layers are included. The PA top layer allows easy printing with the ZYYX engineering materials based on PA/Nylon. The Multi-material top layer surface enables printing with PLA, PETG, and Flex/TPU. ABS and ASA can also be used for smaller models, but the perforated is recommended for these materials. The perforated top layer enables printing with and ABS, ASA, and other materials with extensive shrinkage that otherwise easily warps. There is also a smaller kit available that includes the two first sheets only (see ZX310).

The build-platform fits to the standard ZYYX Pro and Pro II triangle plate. The Multi-Material top layer will last for about 3-12 months of normal usage, the PA and Perforated layer normally lasts significantly longer than that.

Size: 300 x 260 mm

Printer Compatibility
ZYYX Pro II: Yes
ZYYX Pro: Yes
ZYYX+: NO (see ZX510)
ZYYX/ZYYX Classic: NO (see ZYYX+)

Shipping info

Weight2,2 kg
Dimensions300 × 260 × 11 mm


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